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Anonymous said: Oh, I see. I'm taking it as you're still a fan, but is taking a break from the fandom :P Anyway thanks for the recaps, and the amount of work you put in them, I'm not a fan from the beginning, so they really helped me getting know about them, very well detailed <3 Thanks again, and wish you a late happy new year!

I still like them yes but more casual now. The fans kinda ruined it you know?

January 14, 2014

Anonymous said: Hi :) will you write a 2013 Jedward recap? love those old ones x

I’ve been out of the Jedward fandom this year so I haven’t really been able to

Not sure a lot of people read the old ones. They take a long time to do so I thought maybe it wasn’t popular enough to do another

I’m well pleased you asked about it though

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Tara Reid, Young Love, Tara Reid, Asia, Eurovision (again) and erm… Tara Reid

This year has been the THIRD year of Jedward. Three years since John and Edward first entered our lives by entering the X Factor in 2009.

2010 saw their Jepic rise to fame in the UK and Ireland. 2011 saw them enter European territories and 2012 saw them reaching fame in Asia. This is my recap of Jedward 2012…


This year saw the twins release yet another song for Eurovision which was to be the first single from their third album Young Love. They also released a charity single which was also to be one of Ireland’s songs for the Euro 2012 Football Tournament.

Young Love (Album)

image"Young Love" was the third studio album released under Universal Ireland and therefore the last album as part of their three album deal with the label.

The album was released in Ireland, Germany and Austria on June 22nd and then the UK and the rest of Europe on June 25th.

"Young Love" was also the first album to be released in the USA and became available on 26th June over there.

"Young Love" became John and Edward’s third consecutive Number One album in Ireland and it also reached the Top 20 in Sweden and South Korea achieving #11 and #18 respectively as well as an impressive #8 in Estonia. It also charted #22 in Finland, #45 in Austria, #50 in Germany, #63 in the United Kingdom.

The CD album consisted of 12 original songs but iTunes offered a Deluxe Edition which contained 3 extra bonus tracks:

  1. Waterline 
  2. Young Love
  3. What’s Your Number
  4. A Girl Like You
  5. Luminous
  6. Give it Up
  7. Happens in the Dark
  8. All I Want is You
  9. What it Feels Like
  10. How Did You Know?
  11. Can’t Forget
  12. P.O.V.
  13. Never Better (iTunes only)
  14. Cool Heroes (iTunes only)
  15. School’s Out (iTunes only)
As of December 2012, the album brought three singles with a fourth single coming in 2013.


image"Waterline" was first premiered on the Derek Mooney Show on 9th February as one of the five songs in contention for the Irish entry for Eurovision 2012.

In February it was chosen to be the Irish song for the Eurovision Song Contest after winning Eurosong. (See: Eurosong)

Written by Swedish songwriters Nick Jarl and Sharon Vaughn, the song was first released in Ireland on February 24th and then the rest of Europe and some South American countries in April.

The music video for Waterline was filmed in Tokyo, Japan and was filmed, directed and edited by the twins themselves. You can see the video below:

Official music video for Waterline

The song reached #5 in Ireland and also charted in the UK and Austria (though not highly). On iTune’s however, the download reached Number 1 in various countries including Ireland, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Put The Green Cape On

imageAfter the success of “Lipstick” last year, it was decided to reproduce the song and release it as the unofficial single for Ireland and Euro 2012.

The new lyrics were written by Colm Hayes and all proceeds of the song went to Children’s Charity ISPCC.

The single was an Irish release only and charted #3 in the charts over there.

The music video for the song featured other well known Irish celebs such as Louis Walsh, Mrs Brown, Glenda Gilson and Boyzone’s Keith Duffy. The video can be seen below:

Put the Green Cape On Music Video:

Young Love (Single)

imageIn June, John and Edward tweeted that the 2nd single from “Young Love” would be the album’s title track. The same month Edward revealed to fans that they would be filming the music video in Orlando, Florida.

"Young Love" the single was released on June 15th Worldwide including the USA only being announced the Monday before.

The song didn’t reach highly in any European regions. The highest the song charted was #31 in Ireland. This was down to the fact the song was Digital Only and hardly promoted anywhere but by the twins themselves on Twitter and YouTube.

The Official Music video for “Young Love” was filmed and directed by John and Edward themselves and was premiered on June 13th on the boys’ You Tube Channel, JedwardTV.

The music video for “Young Love”:

Girl Like You

In June the twins premiered the video for another song off of the “Young Love” album. “Girl Like You” wasn’t to be released as a single but to help promote the album only. Filmed in Orlando, Florida it was also filmed and directed by the twins.

Music Video for “Girl Like You”:


imageIn late June, John and Edward officially announced “Luminous” to be the third single from “Young Love” in their Weekend column in the Irish Star.

The single was released in Ireland on the 12th October, the UK on the 15th October and worldwide on October 16th.

There was only little promotion of the single in Ireland and no promotion at all in other countries. UK fans managed to get the song played on Radio One but this failed to help sales. In the end, Luminous reached #59 in Ireland but failed to chart anywhere else.
Sales of the Music video was high though reaching a peak of #3 in the UK iTunes Video Chart.

Official Video for “Luminous”:

How Did You Know

On October 19th, John and Edward posted their self-filmed Music Video for “How Did You Know”. Filmed in St. Tropez, the boys took it upon themselves to film a video for the song off “Young Love”. Just like “A Girl Like You” before it, the song was never an official release.

Music Video for “How Did You Know”:

Tours/Live Events

Victory Tour

At the very start of 2012, the Jedward boys set off on the European leg of the “Victory” tour. The tour consisted of shows in Estonia, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Germany. They sang their hits from their first album Planet Jedward as well as songs from their latest album Victory and some new covers. The set list was as follows (the songs in italics were not performed in all countries):

Jedward performing “Jedward Rockers” in Orebro, Sweden:

Supporting Westlife

In November 2011 it was confirmed that John and Edward would be the supporting act for Westlife at the Dublin dates of their “Greatest Hits” Tour in Croke Park.

Westlife started their tour in May and the Dublin dates took place in mid-June.

Croke Park was to be the first venue where the twins performed the songs from their new album. Among the set list were:

Jedward performing “Young Love” at Croke Park:

Young Love Tour

In May, the first dates of the “Young Love” tour were announced for Ireland. The tour started in August in Cities around Ireland such as Castlebar, Killarney, Dublin and Wexford.

The set list included songs from the Young Love Album plus classics like “Ghostbusters”, “Everyday Superstar”, “Hold The World”, “Bad Behaviour” and “Lipstick”.

Jedward performing their own Medley in Limerick:


In April rumours of the boys performing at Butlins, the UK’s most popular holiday park started to spread after the company tweeted then deleted that Jedward were performing at their parks in Minehead and Bognor Regis

However, this was eventually confirmed the following month. John and Edward were to perform at Butlins Minehead on July 8th and at Bognor Regis on June 14th.

Butlins was considered part of their “Young Love” tour, being on the back of the Hoodies and T-Shirts they were selling as Merchandise although the show wasn’t as long as their main shows over in Ireland. They sung songs from the new album as well as classics from Victory and Planet Jedward.

John and Edward performing “Girl Like You” an Butlins in Minehead:

Cheerio’s Childline Concert

On November 23rd, John and Edward were invited back to the Dublin O2 to perform for the Childline Charity concert sponsored by Cheerio’s. Little Mix, JLS, Lawson, Stooshe, Hudson Taylor, Level 5 and The Script were all there to help raise money for Childline.

Jedward performed a set of 4 songs… “Young Love”, “Luminous”, “What’s Your Number” and “Happens in the Dark”.

On November 30th, the show was shown on RTE in Ireland. 

Jedward Interview behind the scenes of Childline in Concert:

Other live events

Pop Picnic

On June 3rd, John and Edward were the headline act at Pop Picnic in Co. Waterford, Ireland. Hosted by Callum Best, the show consisted of other acts including the Runner-Up of the Voice of Ireland. John and Edward performed songs such as “Ghostbusters”, “Under Pressure”, “All the Small Things”, “Waterline” and “Lipstick”.

Jedward performing “Ghostbusters” at Pop Picnic:

The Dome 64

On June 1st John and Edward returned to Germany to perform at The Dome 64 in Essen. They were the opening and the closing act of the show that also featured Amy McDonald, Conor Maynard and Oceana.

The event was televised in Germany on June 3rd.

John and Edward performing “Lipstick” at Dome 64:

The Marquee

The twins returned to The Marquee in Cork, Ireland for two weekends. Sunday 24th June and Saturday 30th June.

Again, they performed songs from “Young Love” as well as some songs from “Victory” and their first two singles from “Planet Jedward”.

The set they performed changed depending which of the show you went to. Songs performed at at the shows included: “Young Love”, “Techno Girl”, “All The Small Things”, “Boyfriend”, “Waterline”, “Girl Like You”, “Luminous”, “School’s Out”, “Hold The World”, “Ghostbusters”, “Lipstick” and “Jedward Rockers”.

John performing “Boyfriend” at The Marquee:

Jedward… YouTube Sensations

2012 saw the twins using You Tube more than ever before, especially videos of them covering well known songs. Some of the highlights can be seen below…

Jexy and they Know It

When they achieved 200,000 followers on Twitter we saw Edward in the water wearing nothing but Superman underwear. When they reached 300,000 followers John joined in and they danced in their underwear to Pop Rocket. For 500,000 followers they went even further… They stripped off completely.

It became a fan favourite overnight and within minutes one eager fan caught a glimpse of John’s nethers and 1:25 became the Jedhead’s “In-Joke” of the year. Watch at your own risk…

Jedward using only a card to protect their modesty… kind of:


When John did a solo acoustic version of Justin Bieber's “Boyfriend”, the Jedward fandom went into meltdown. The rendition became so popular that they decided to use it in several of their set lists throughout their summer Young Love Tour. The John Grime's version became major competition to the original.

We Are Never Getting Back Together

Edward joined John in the next cover. They decided to cover one of their Idol’s songs… They did Taylor Swift's “We Are Never Getting Back Together”.

Hall of Fame

The Script Ft. Will.I.Am reached Number 1 in both Ireland and the UK and the Jeds, a fan of the song again decided to cover the song that was a public favourite.


Adele is the UK’s musical sweetheart and one of the years biggest movies in James Bond: Skyfall was released. Adele was the chosen one to sing the newest Bond Theme and Jedward decided, amidst all the popularity to cover it…

Little Things

There’s no denying the force that has been One Direction in 2012 and when their new album was released, Directioners everywhere got excited. Jedward took their newest single “Little Things” and sung it better than One Direction did…

Jedward’s Fan Contract

John and Edward explain the twenty stipulations of the Jedward Fan Contract. What must they do for fans? What must fans do to be a jedward fan? It’s all mentioned in here.

To always tweet from @planetjedward. To always give Jedhugs. To always love Britney Spears, To NEVER sit down at a Jedward concert and to scream always and the biggest rule of them all?…

Yellow Snow = No Go

Jedward’s Christmas Message

Who needs the Queen to give a Christmas Speech when you can watch Jedward’s speech instead?

In it, John recommends the Harry Potter and the Twilight books and warns that if you have a Cat, then keep it away from your Christmas tree. Edward advises that you have to watch loads of films on Christmas Day because it “only comes one day a year”. (So, does that mean you can’t watch films when it’s not Christmas?). Yeah, he recommends you watch Elf, Home Alone and erm… Titanic.


In 2011, John and Edward were revealed to the rest of Europe through The Eurovision Song Contest which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The boys were back for 2012, here’s how their Eurovision journey went…

Eurosong 2012


RTE announced in December that they were going to be yet again choosing their Eurovision Representative via the Late Late Show’s Eurosong. They announced that they had chosen five mentors to pick and groom an artist that would go up for the show.

Greg French, Edele Lynch, Julian Benson and Eanan Patterson were four of the mentors chosen but it was Linda Martin that chose John and Edward to have another go. The twins were the first act to be announced for Eurosong which was to be aired on February 24th.

Gradually, David Shannon and Una Gibney, Donna McCaul, Maria McCool and Andrew Mann were announced as Jedward’s competition but it was Waterline that won the public vote AND the Jury vote finishing with 114 points.

Jedward performing Waterline at Eurosong:

Selectia Nationala Romania

After winning their second chance at Eurovision, the twins were asked to perform at the National Final of Romania. They performed Waterline to the Romanian Public and went down a treat. The show’s host loved them as you can see in the video below:

Jedward performing Waterline on Romanian TV:

Eurovision in Concert

On April 21st the Eurovision in Concert event was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Twenty-Three of the 42 acts selected to compete in the contest were invited to perform in front of hundreds of Eurovision fans.

Amongst those selected were Austria’s Trackshittaz, France’s Anggun, Albania’s Rona Nishliu and of course, Ireland’s John and Edward.

The twins were the penultimate act to perform but that’s only because the Dutch representitive always gets the last spot. (Well, they were in Holland. What did you expect?) They performed Waterline and you can see the video of that below.

Jedward perform “Waterline” in Amsterdam:


In May, Team Jedward went to Baku in Azerbaijan for the Eurovision Song Contest. Joined by their backing singers: Shane Creevey, Leanne Moore, Claire Malloy and Julian Edwards and mentor Linda Martin, the twins took Baku by storm.

A draw took place earlier in the year that decided that Ireland would perform in the 1st Semi Final on May 22nd and that they would perform last on the show. They would first have to qualify from this before being able to perform at the Grand Final. The twins qualified with ease finishing 6th out of 18 acts but were the last qualifier to be announced resulting in Jedheads suffering small heart attacks worldwide.

John and Edward being announced in the Semi Final:

Then on the 26th May, the twins performed in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest hoping to beat their result the previous year. They were drawn to perform 23rd of the final 26 and their performance can be seen below.

Jedward performing “Waterline” in the Eurovision Grand Final:

However, Ireland didn’t fare better than in 2011 and finished 19th in the final vote which was made up of a televote and a Jury vote. They finished with only 46 points. Ireland received points from the following countries:

"Waterline" was more popular amongst the public voting. If public votes would have counted alone (without Jury) then Ireland would have finished 10th place in the contest. However the Jury placed them 25th out of 26.

The country that found “Waterline” most popular was the United Kingdom. Even though the UK jury didn’t award the song any points, the British public gave the song the top 12 points. Overall, with both jury and public combined, they finished with 10pts total from the country meaning that Ireland received many more votes than Loreen who won 12pts from the combined vote.

Accusations of vote rigging

John and Edward, thanks to Eurovision in 2011 had gained fans all over Europe for which they toured several countries. Fans from countries like Estonia, Germany, Austria and Russia were not happy that the twins hadn’t received any points from them and started to accuse the show of vote rigging.

Russian TV had also accused the EBU of fixing the scores after sources complained that phone lines for Ireland were constantly engaged and that some votes were not being counted.

However, the EBU didn’t react to the accusations and nothing was investigated.

Jedward’s Eurovision: Take Two

RTE followed the boys to Baku and documented their journey there. The documentary “Jedward’s Eurovision: Part Deux” was broadcast on June 5th on RTE Two.

The documentary showed the twins rehearse and practice their Eurovision performance of Waterline, their send off at Dublin Airport by their Irish fans and the Jedmania that hit Baku.

Jedward’s Eurovision Part One:

Jedward in Advertising

John and Edward have been in their fair share of Adverts… Money Supermarket, Nintendo, Abrakebabra, Three. In 2012 they didn’t star in any adverts but two companies decided to drop their names into their adverts in the United Kingdom. Both had one in thing in common too… Mobile Phones.

imagePhones 4 U

In June, Phones 4 U started a new advertising campaign with two adverts. The basis is that Phones 4 U would perform upgrades for ANYONE no matter what kind of weird things they were into or what jobs they did. Example: A man who’s an Estate Agent, a crazy Cat Lady and Dean Gaffney. 

One of the adverts however, had a middle aged man who admits that he “owns a Jedward album”… see below:

imageThe EE Network

A new mobile Network (at least I think it’s new) in the form of EE (Everything Everywhere) was advertised and to help promote themselves they brought in the big guns with Kevin Bacon as the main star.

In this advert he introduces himself as the centre of the Universe, connected to everything before explaining how. He finally reveals that “when Jedward were voted off, I wept in my trailer for a week” sporting the ever so famous Jedward quiff. Who’d have known the guy from Footloose was a Jedward fan?


Being on TV is one of John and Edward’s biggest talents. In the UK especially, Jedward are seen more as TV personalities than huge Popstars and they have been and are going to be in many TV shows over there. They have been busy in Ireland too but where they have been busier musically over there, in the UK they have done lots of TV.

Weird Wild World


In August, Channel Five in the UK finally showed Jedward’s Weird Wild World (they had filmed it the year before). A show that showed clips of people doing stupid stunts, Animal’s doing cute and funny things and children being children in the cute and funny way they do.

The show was shown every Wednesday night on 5* and was 6 episodes long. You can see can see these episodes here.

Jedward’s Weird Wild World Intro:

Deal or No Deal

In April John and Edward went to Bristol to film a special charity edition of Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal with Noel Edmonds. Along with Linda Martin, Liam McKenna, Keith Duffy and Wagner, John and Edward were guest box keepers on Louis Walsh's episode of the show. 

The infamous Banker turned out to be a fan of the twins. Liking how clever they were to put the initial of ones name to the beginning of the other suggesting he and Wagner do the same thing to become Wan… well, something rude anyway. The twins looked confused for a while until Edward got the joke finally… John still doesn’t know what he meant. 


Louis Walsh made it to the end of the show with his box and the box belonging to Jedward. One had £3000 and the other… £250,000. However, Louis went with the Bankers offer of £70,000 and rightly so too because Louis’ box had the lowest amount. Louis’ winnings went to his chosen charity, the ISPCC. The show was aired on 7th May.

Celebrity Juice and Lemon La Vida Loca

As always, John and Edward returned to Celebrity Juice for Keith Vs Jedward.

The challenges in the 1st series of 2012 included Olympic style challenged like the “Doggy Style Muff Diving Challenge” and the “Jedward Elastic Band Ping-Sting Challenge”

The 2nd series of 2012 included challenges where Keith and Jedward have gone in time. Such challenges included the “Show Me the Mummy Challenge” and the “Shit Put Challenge” where we see the twins dressed as babies… again.

The Shit Put Challenge from Series 8 (WARNING! Disgusting):

Then in December Keith Lemon did a Christmas special of his other TV series, Lemon La Vida Loca which is based on Keith’s life with his Girlfriend Rosie. The twins play themselves as Christmas carollers.

Jedward on Lemon La Vida Loca:

Xtra Factor

In June, the twins were invited to guest present the Xtra Factor with Caroline Flack. Usually presented by Olly Murs, the twins took over whilst he was on tour in the USA with boyband One Direction.

They did the show during the X Factor Auditions in Manchester (judged by Tulisa Contostavlos, Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Melanie B) and the shows were aired at the beginning of the series in August.

Jedward meet Lucy Spraggan with Caroline Flack backstage:

Vocea României (The Voice Romania)

In December the twins flew off to Romania to perform on Romania’s version of the hit TV show, The Voice. The twins were asked to sing not one, but two songs so they sung their two Eurovision hits, “Waterline” and “Lipstick”.

They were also interviewed for the show, again forgetting that the public of Romania don’t speak English and kept interrupting the translations. Always funny viewing for English speaking fans.

Jedward performing “Lipstick” on Vocea României: 

imageOMG Jedward’s Dream Factory

OMG, Jedward’s Dream Factory was back in December 2012 on TRTE. The show where John and Edward help children’s dreams come true.

Every show starts off with a Jedward performance and then two kids are given the chance to see their dream come true.

At time of writing, only one episode of series 2 had been aired and in it, John and Edward performed “Waterline” before making several dreams come true. A girl gets to spend the day at a 5 star Hotel to see how one is run as she wants to have her own Hotel when she’s older. One girl gets to spend the day with them before interviewing them and other stars on the Red Carpet and another girl meets Olly Murs for the first time.

Jedward’s Dream Factory: Episode 1, Series 2…

Jedward’s Big Adventure


In September the twins started filming the 2nd series of Jedward’s Big Adventure for the BBC. Locations for the show included Cheddar Gorge, The Orkney Islands and IWM Duxford.

If you’re not familiar with the concept. John and Edward split up and with the help of a celeb partner have to learn as much as they can about the UNESCO Heritage Site. They then have to lead a tour of real life tourists who give points on how they felt it went. The team with least points have to do a forfeit.

The five episodes of Series two are due to be shown in January 2013 on CBBC (United Kingdom).

Danni’s Castle

In July 2012, John and Edward went to Belfast to film Dani’s Castle starring Tracey Beaker actress Dani Harmer.


The show is about Dani who finds out that her Aunt has left her a Castle in Bogmoor which has been named the worst tourist attraction in the UK. She sets out to do it up and make it a family business, falling in love with a ghost in the process… yeah, a ghost.

Jedward’s show is about a festival Dani and her gang decide to arrange only it gets cancelled and the twins aren’t told about it.

The show will start airing on CBBC from the 17th January 2013 but it’s unknown yet when the Jedward episode will be though they will be in Episode 7 out of 13.

Other TV shows the boys have done:


Jedward Abroad

John and Edward spent a lot of time abroad this year. They have had working holidays throughout the year in places like the US, Japan and St. Tropez… This is what they got up to.



The twins visited Japan early on in the year with a mission to film a Music Video for Waterline in Tokyo. However, that’s not all they did.

As well as meeting their Japanese fans for the first time, the boys were introduced to Photographer Leslie Kee (See: Super Jedward) and Korean super groups 2NE1 and The Big Bang (above).



The twins returned to the US to go to Orlando to film clips for Decembers, The Late Late Toy Show on RTE in Ireland.

They visited Seaworld to film these scenes but also spent the time to film a music video for “A Girl Like You” (See: Music).

St. Tropez


The twins have visited St. Tropez twice this year to spend time with their newest mate, Tara Reid. These two trips were purely for personal reasons as opposed to working so they didn’t necessarily do anything there but they sure caused some fan drama whilst there and received press attention meeting designer, Roberto Cavalli. Speaking of Drama, it wasn’t only Tara Reid that got fan attention… Edward’s new Hat (above) was also the talk of the fandom and it also got his own Twitter page.



In Japan, where Jedward met Leslie Kee they were also introduced by him to Canadian Fashion designers Dean and Dan Caten, also known as Dsquared2.

In September, the pair invited John and Edward to Milan Fashion Week to work with them over there. They were invited backstage to help showcase some of Dsquared2’s stuff but were then treated to front row of the fashion show with all the other “fashionistas”.

They made international news being there including Elle Canada and Vogue UK.



No other country has grown to love Jedward so quickly as they did in Singapore. The twins and went and took over that country like god knows what back in July. With the help of Boy Thunder from 91.3FM, the twins did promotional events across the country including several interviews with Radio and TV as well as a fan signing, seen in the video below. WARNING: Turn this down or your eardrums will explode.


The twins have been in magazines all around the world this year. Too many to talk about them all in depth and there’s even some I’ll forget to mention but the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Finland and even Singapore and Japan have had them in Magazine. Here’s a few of them.

Kiss (Ireland)


Kiss Magazine in Ireland had a nice little spread in their September issue with brand new pictures of the boys looking really cute in every single one of them. In their ten page spread, Reveal had an Interview with the boys as well as telling readers their favourite Jedward quotes and how to “Jedify” their wardrobes.

"Our fans are not that crazy, they’re just having a good time, they don’t do crazy, crazy things, like weird crazy things, they just do crazy things." - John


Reveal (UK)

Reveal Magazine in the UK had Jedward in two of their issues. One of which featured the twins dressed up as Bond Villains, Skyfall being a new release at the time.

"Having a pet is also key to being a Bond villain," adds Edward. "Daniel Craig would be so busy looking at our pet that we could pounce on him."


Dorian (Sweden)

In late 2012 John and Edward were interviewed by Dorian Magazine, Sweden’s biggest selling quarterly fashion and Gay Magazine. In it, the twins are asked about their favourite designers, Lady Gaga and their fans. 

THE ALBUM IS CALLED YOUNG LOVE. ARE YOU IN LOVE? -Yeah, with ourselves and our hair!


Irish Star Column (Ireland)


In 2012 John and Edward were given their own column in the Irish Star every Sunday. They would write about what was going on with them. E.g TV shows they were doing, Singles they were releasing but they would also give their opinions on things that were happening at the time in the media. The column ran for a good few months from February to July.

Super Jedward (Japan)


When they were in Japan John and Edward met Japanese photographer, Leslie Kee. Kee regularly published books of his photo’s that fit a certain scheme, sometimes even picking a celebrity to do a whole book on. His previous books have included specials on Beyonce and Fashion Icons for example.

The pictures in Super Jedward were different to what Jedward fans had seen before and fans hadn’t seen so much of Jedward before in stills. The Magazine seemed to have three types of Pictures. Editorial, fashion-type shots, pictures of them being the all jumping-Jedward we all know and love and also some of just the two of them in underwear in a variety of “edgy” poses.

Super Jedward was a limited edition Magazine that would set Jedward fans back a cool £100 if they wanted one.


The rest that Jedward were featured in:


BIG Events

American Pie Premiere

In April, the new American Pie film was released and John and Edward, as Tara Reids guests went along to the Irish Premiere in Dublin, and even the US Premiere in LA (Pictured below).


The Keith Lemon Movie

As popular guests on Celebrity Juice it came to no surprise when Leigh Francis AKA Keith Lemon invited him to be in his new movie… Keith Lemon: The Film.

The film is about Keith Lemon going to an Inventors Convention in London to try and sell his “Securipole”. When that doesn’t go down too well, he tries to sell the invention of some other guy which does turn out successful, grabbing the attention of Kelly Brook. Things start to look up (even though, unbeknown to him, his pregnant girlfriend back home has been kidnapped by a guy called Evil Steve) until something goes wrong with his invention and he has to go back to his old life to find his girlfriend missing and he needs to rescue her.

Jedward only have a small small part in the film as themselves who get high on some sort of water making them want to dance. “Power Grab, Power Grab, Power Grab”…

Jedward’s part in Keith Lemon The Film:

imageThe Olympic Torch

The UK was an exciting place to be in the summer when the Olympic Games were being held. The whole run up to the thing was all that was on the news, especially when the Torch was being moved.

The Olympic Torch also made it’s way over to Dublin and was passed through the local streets by several Irish Celebs and Heroes including John and Edward. As keen runners themselves, the twins had always said they would have gone to the Olympics if that hadn’t become famous performers. The twins were rightly chosen despite what the haters were saying at the time.

John and Edward carrying the Olympic Torch:

21st Birthday

16th of October saw John turn 21 years old. Edward turned 21 ten minutes later. The newspapers were spreading rumours of a trip to Las Vegas but instead, they spent their birthday in Dublin.

They had their first (kind of) party online when they did a Birthday Twitcam so fans could celebrate this milestone birthday with them. At night they had another party with friends and family, VIP Magazine covering the bash.

Guests included their Brother Kevin, Linda Martin, Liam McKenna, Carline Downey Desmond and several of their backing dancers. Bestie Tara Reid, didn’t attend. 


EMA’s Frankfurt

In November 2012 the MTV European Music awards were being held in Frankfurt, Germany and John and Edward attended the Red Carpet there and watched the show from the VIP area of the audience.


Fan watched the whole show with their hawk eyes checking what the twins were up to. We saw them doing Gangnam Style along with Psy in his opening performance (who they also met) and chatting with Taylor Swift who was sat close by.

Jedward doing Gangnam Style in the Audience of the EMA’s:

Madam Tussaud’s

In late November, Madam Tussaud’s in Dublin finally revealed the Jedward waxworks. Wearing matching red suits, the twins were present at the official reveal (video below).

There’s a lot to be said about the final product. The clothes and poses weren’t completely Jedesque and the likenesses was exactly 100% but how many 21 year olds do you know that have their own waxwork?

Children’s Bafta’s

Also in November John and Edward were asked to give out an award at the Kids BAFTA’s. John and Edward gave out the “Best Independent Production Company Award” which was won by Blue Zoo Production.

They stormed the Red Carpet too, wearing Gold versions of the suits worn at the EMA’s early that month.


Jedward and the Magic Lamp

In December, John and Edward started their stint at the newest Panto at the Olympia in Dublin. Jedward and the Magic Lamp was their third Panto having been in Cinderella and Jedward and the Beanstalk in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

In this one, John and Edward play Aladdin’s Brothers and they sing several of their songs such as “Cool Heroes”, “Girl Like You”, “Luminous” and “Schools Out”.

Jedward performing “Cool Heroes” in Jedward and the Magic Lamp:


Jedward Merchandise has always been available either online on PlanetJedward.net or at Stands at the venues they were palying. However, in 2012 the twins released extra merchandise rather out of the ordinary for this day in age…

Jedpower Bands


2012 saw the release of Jedpower Bands… They were available in a variety of colours, one for each day of the week. Plus an eighth multi-coloured Jedpower band that could be worn everyday if you wanted.

These bands are said to contain 15% negative ion’s which apparently helps your mood and strength. These were originally available for €11 from the website Justasec.com but were put on special offer in November with 25% off. More information can be found on the website - it’s too scientific for me to get my head around. 


The Jedward is basically a Jedified Jigsaw puzzle. A Jigsaw with Jedward’s mugs on it came in a variety of difficulties… 24 piece, 500 piece and a huge 1000 piece one.

The Jedsaw ranged in price from €7.50 for the 24 piece to €16 for the 1000 piece and could be bought from jedsaw.com


As you can see, the picture on the Jedsaw looked like something from a high induced dream featuring the twins in an old English forest scene including Pheasants and a Fox and some trees. Not something you would connect with the Irish twins is it?


The Jedward Calendar returned for it’s third year and it was a vast improvement on the Calendar that came the year before. The pictures in the Calendar were all photo’s fans had seen before but the 2013 calendar looked much more official than the 2012 one.

Depending on which country you were from, the price varied. I bought one from the Calendar Club in the UK and it cost me £7.99.


Changes to “Team Jedward”

2012 saw the departure of Liam McKenna from Team Jedward. Jedward’s Tour Manager of two years left to… to do something else. Whatever Louis Walsh wants him to do - Janet Devlin I think but he may end up doing something with the new loves of his life… Union J.

Needless to say, the whole Jedward fandom was in tears when he left*

*Not necessarily of sadness

BIGGER news however was that of the newest addition to the “Jedward family”. She’s teeny, she’s furry and she’s actually cuter than John and Edward themselves…

Meet Blaze


Blaze is John and Edward’s new Chihuahua which they got in November - that’s when they started tweeting pictures of her anyway. 

The twins have many dogs and they don’t leave home but Blaze being teeny might be an exception to the rule. Blaze crave anyone?


What’s the Jedward fandom without rumours. The media like to spark rumours and nothing sparks rumours like… Reality TV.

Eurovision 2013

So John and Edward have done Eurovision twice now so people are always wondering if they’ll do it again. They’ve said they won’t but then they say they’ll represent another country.

In one German Interview they joked about representing that country (whose finalists have been chosen by the way) and they’ve also joked about representing Sweden, who also have their finalists already.

Safe to say… they’re NOT doing Eurovision 2013 but will they be announcing the Irish votes next year? 

Jedward Interview where the twins talk about doing Eurovision for Germany (VERY FUNNY INTERVIEW):

Dancing on Ice

The Sun started off this one. John and Edward had been spotted Ice Skating and the paper reported that they had been asked to take part in ITV1’s “Dancing on Ice” as separate contestants. 

The rumour wasn’t that far fetched what with the UK leaning more towards the twins as TV stars anyway. It’s turned out to be not true however as the contestants have been revealed and they’re not very good. I think ITV spent their budget up on Pamela Anderson to be honest.

I’m a Celebrity

Okay, so this one was more fan speculation than anything. Rumours have been out about the twins going into the Celebrity Jungle for the past two years so fans were wondering if 2012 would be the year.

Turns out it wasn’t but it was reported that they were asked but they turned it down because ITV didn’t have the money to book them. Remember that Channel 5 paid £1,000,000 for them to appear on Celeb Big Brother so it would have taken at least that to get them into the Jungle.

Jedward… The Musical?

Queen have done it, Abba have done it and the Spice Girls have done it. Now, is it Jedward’s turn?

The Independent over in Ireland reported this year that there are plans for Jedward… The Musical to happen. Apparently it will follow the twins rise to fame and will make them a cool €200,000 for starring in it as themselves.

Will this happen? You decide.

What’s happening in 2013?

There’s some things we expect as a given. It’s likely the following will happen though there’s no confirmation:

November 27, 2012

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I have been fine thank you. I haven’t used it coz no one reads it lol

October 3, 2012

Anonymous said: What do you think of Jimmy Saville allegations?

I don’t know. This is one of those Gary Glitter cases isn’t it - a really popular man being revealed as a child molester. Something you don’t want to admit is true but it looks like it is.

Now he’s dead, the girls seem to be okay to admit what happened now. He was obviously a big player at the BBC at the time

September 24, 2012

Anonymous said: woki, woki... happy weak ahead!

I’m ready for the week to be over already lol…. Roll on 5 weeks

September 24, 2012

Anonymous said: Do you think the twins are virgins like just from your experience of meeting them its so hard to tell but I think they are. Theyre going to be so awkward with their first real girlfriends so cute!

That’s their business isn’t it?

September 20, 2012   11 notes
Exactly what I thought when I first read it lol

Exactly what I thought when I first read it lol

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September 18, 2012

Anonymous said: where are the twins at the moment? at home?

Gosh, I’ve not been in the loop about their whereabouts in months

September 18, 2012

Anonymous said: How about monkeys? Do you think the twins would date a monkey? or are they too racist for that?

I’d really be worried if they dated a Monkey.